Our Story

Welcome to Popsicle Pets!

We're ecstatic that you're here and can't wait for you to start exploring our store to find the perfect unique and fully customized items for you to enjoy and show off to the world! 

First, let's address the "pink elephant" in the room...

Why did we decide to call our brand "Popsicle Pets"?

We decided on this because one, it's fun! It brings the nostalgia of how our early days where on the weekends we got to go out with family (including our dogs) and friends to grab ice cream, popsicles and talk about our aspirations of when we grow up!

Two, because it perfectly expresses our colorful, playfulness and artistic style as a team of very talented and creative designers. It's who we are at the heart!

We have "two loves" outside of our family and friends:

Love of Animals + Art Illustration/Painting!

Our design team has over 32 years of creative design and illustration experiences collectively and we decided to use our talents to help other pet owners express the love for their pets in a unique and creative way!

We put our pride and joy into making every custom made-to-order items to ensure the highest quality and 100% satisfaction for you.

We hope you love our products and become part of our amazing community of other awesome pet owners like you!

Thanks for taking a quick minute to learn what we're all about and we can't wait for you to experience our "magic" in your hands with our work!

- Popsicle Pets Team